The functions provided in these statutes apply, as it were, to both sexes.


I. General Provisions

Articlel 1 Legal form, Purpose, Name and Membership

The association "Association Boatify Switzerland" is an association with an ideal objective according to Art. 60ff. Of the Swiss Civil Code.

The purpose includes the possibility of boat sharing among the members.

Members are all registered users of the Boatify portal, all registered users of the BOATIFY mobile application, as well as a representative of BOATIFY AG (CHE- ...).

Article 2 Term of Office

Unless the electoral body determines otherwise, all the offices provided for in these statutes can not be exercised for more than 20 years.

II. Organisation of the Association

Article 3 Company Seat

The registered office of the association is located at Engelmattstrasse 7 in 6318 Walchwil, Switzerland.

Article 4 Membership, RIghts and Obligations

Members are all registered users of the Boatify portal, all registered users of the BOATIFY mobile application, as well as a representative of BOATIFY AG (CHE- ...).

The rights and duties of the members are derived from these statutes.

Article 5 Organs

The organs of the association are:

A) the General Meeting

B) the Commodore

(C) the Cabinet

(D) the Auditor

Article 6 General Meeting

The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association. It comes together if one-fifth of all members of the association or Commodore demand this.

The Commodore determines the place of assembly, the date and the agenda. It is concerned that the invitations to the agenda, the annual accounts of the previous year and the budget for the following financial year will be made available to the members four weeks before the General Meeting.

Proposals to the General Meeting must be submitted to the Commodore in writing by 1 March at the latest, to the extent that individual delegates are asked to do so no later than 10 days before the Annual General Meeting.

If the Commodore considers it necessary, he may convoke extraordinary general meetings. It is concerned that invitations, accompanied by the agenda, will be made available to Members no later than four weeks before the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Artikel 7 Competences of the General Meeting

The following powers are available to the General Meeting:

(A) Approval of the Commodore's report

(B) Approval of the annual accounts

C) Approval of the report of the auditor

D) Decharge distribution to the Cabinet and to the auditor

(E) Approval of the budget and establishment of the annual budget

(F) Election of the Commodore and, at his proposal,

The Vice-Commodores and the Auditors

(G) Resolution on applications pursuant to Article 6 (3)

H) Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation pursuant to the following Article 22

Article 8 Participation and Voting Rights

Each member has the right to participate in the General Meeting.

Voting and election shall include the votes of the members of the Association, each member having one vote.

Voting by substitute and by correspondence is excluded.

Article 9 Quorum

The General Meeting have a quorum if three-quarters of all members are represented.

Article 10 Reconcilation and Election

Usually an open vote is made. Secret ballot shall be held if one-fifth of the members present so request.

Elections are secret, unless they are undisputed. Elections and votes shall be made by an absolute majority of the votes cast, and shall not include blank and invalid voting cards.

If in the case of elections of several candidates no one reaches the absolute majority, the one with the lowest number of votes for the next ballot will be eliminated. If two candidates do not receive the absolute majority, the one with the lower number of votes for the next round will be eliminated. If the remaining candidate reaches the absolute majority in the last round, he is elected. If he does not achieve the absolute majority, there is no choice.

The choice of Commodore requires the approval of the representative of BOATIFY AG.

Article 11 Commodore

The Commodore is the highest representative of the club. He manages the management of the company in collaboration with the Cabinet.

The Commodore has been elected for ten years.

Before taking up office, he appoints the members of his Cabinet, insofar as they are not ex officio or must be elected.

If the Commodore is prevented from performing its function for a long time, it is represented by the first Vice-Commodore or, in the event of a failure, by the Past-Commodore.

Article 12 Cabinet

The Cabinet stands by the Commodore. Cabinet members are the Commodore, the first vice-commodore, as well as any special commissioners. Members of the Cabinet must be active members of the Association. They work according to the guidelines of the commodore. In addition, their rights and obligations are laid down in accordance with internal guidelines. The Commodore appeals to the Cabinet as necessary in its composition.

The Cabinet deals with all tasks which are not expressly assigned to another body.

Article 13 Competences of the Cabinet

The cabinet has the following powers:

A) Management and financial management and management of the Central Archives

B) Adoption of regulations

C) Establishment, support and use of special funds

D) Implementation of the General Meeting

E) Determination of the Secretariat

F) Appointment of the treasurer

G) Appointment of commissions and commissioners

H) Election of the Statutes Commission

Article 14 Vice-Commodore and Fleet-Admirals

The Vice-Commodores can be Fleet Admirals. The 1st Vice Commodore is the designated successor of the Commodore.

The Fleet Admirals and other Vice Commodores assist the Commodore in fulfilling his obligations. They may, at the discretion of the Commodore, be entrusted with special tasks.

If an office becomes vacant, the Cabinet will arrange the replacement until the next General Meeting.

Article 15 Secretary and Treasurer

Secretary and cashier are appointed by the Commodore for a year and can be renamed.

The secretary arranges the current secretarial business, manages the minutes and supports Commodore.

The treasurer is responsible for the accounting of the association. Its rights and obligations are laid down in the Financial Regulations of the Association.

Article 16 Auditors

The auditors are composed of two auditors and one supporter, who must be expert members of the association.

The auditor checks whether the accounting records and the financial statements as well as the application for the appropriation of the balance sheet comply with the law and the Articles of Incorporation.

The auditors shall report in writing to the General Meeting the results of their audit. It recommends acceptance, with or without restriction, or rejection of the annual accounts.

The report identifies the persons who have carried out the revision.

Article 17 Commissioners and Commissions

The Commodore may appoint commissioners and, where appropriate, commissions with the execution of special tasks.

The Commodore approves the decisions of the commissioners and the commissions.

Article 18 Establishments of Communities

The establishment of regional communities requires the consent of the commodore. The Commodore first notifies the Cabinet.

Article 19 Statutes Commission

The statutes commission consists of at least one member of the association. It constitutes itself and determines the president.

The Statutes Commission approves the statutes and their amendments. It shall review them for compliance with the applicable laws and the present Statutes.

Article 20 Cancellation of the Membership

With the deletion of the Boatify member account on, the membership of the Association Boatify Switzerland is automatically extinguished.

III. Final Provisions

Article 21 Financial Year

The financial year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Article 22 Amendments to the Statutes and Dissolution

Requests for amendments to the Statutes or dissolution of the Association must be indicated in the invitation letter.

Resolutions on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation require a two-thirds majority of the votes of the members present.

Resolutions on the dissolution of the association require unanimity of the votes of the members present.

The assets existing in the dissolution of the Association fall to the [Charity Org].

Article 23 Languages ​​and Interpretation

These statutes are made in German and English.

The German language version is decisive for the interpretation.

Article 24 Inception

These Articles shall enter into force on December 1st 2016.


Statutes Commission: Oliver Sinzig (President)

Cabinet Johannes Roehrenbach (Commodore)

Elisabeth …. (Vice-Commodore)